Upward Bound

Upward Bound

Vision Statement

The UT El Paso Upward Bound Program promotes the premise that a postsecondary education is the threshold to accomplishment and opportunity for traditionally under-represented, low-income, first-generation youth. We believe that with adequate preparation and guidance, those students who have the desire to attend university and are committed to putting forth the effort required to achieve their goals will be able to complete their postsecondary studies, and accomplish lifelong ambitions.

The Upward Bound Program collaborates with UT El Paso, the Anthony, Canutillo, El Paso, and Ysleta School Districts and the El Paso community at large in its mission of ensuring that its students graduate high school and are prepared to succeed in the pursuit of their postsecondary studies. We accomplish this by providing college preparatory instruction, cultural enrichment activities, training in leadership, communication, problem solving and critical thinking skills and opportunities to serve the community.

Mission & Goals

To provide college preparatory instruction and assistance in the college admissions processes for low-income, first-generation students who may otherwise not have the wherewithal to pursue a postsecondary education.

To ensure that the students enrolled in Upward Bound improve in their academics, both at their respective high schools and in their program instruction.

To ensure that our students are exposed to a variety of developmental activities that will help them grow in their leadership, decision making, communication, and citizenship skills.

To ensure that all Upward Bound students graduate from high school.

To ensure that program graduates enroll in a postsecondary institution and that their preparation in Upward Bound will assist them in persevering in their studies until they graduate.