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Student Resources

Studying for that big test? Wish you had more time? Wish you could remember what you had read? Do you need to know how to study biology or psychology? This site is for you!
How to Study Model
You mean it’s not just reading the textbook? See definitions and what the studying process is from going to class to getting an A on the test.
Study Tips
Here’s where all the stuff is, both study skills and how to study sections. How to write has been added to the how to study section under each discipline area. Be sure to read what other college students are saying. Just click on the book next to the handout.
A great source for researching self-help on the web.
Source of local, national, and college-specific scholarships.
U.S. Department of Education FREE Application for Federal Student Aid Web Site.
TRIO Main Site
Equipment checkout
Check out equipment for your projects & assignments at UTEP (cables, laptops, projectors, digital cameras, voice recorders, video cameras).