Student Support Services Program


I joined the Student Support Services Program in the fall of 2007 and when I joined I was like any other freshman student coming into college; apprehensive, anxious, and stressed. The program was there to help me gain not only the basics to adapt the college life but a family to support me through difficulties in pursing my degree in engineering. I had the pleasure of meeting Gladys, Martha, Cindy, and Nancy who assisted me at the beginning of my journey at UTEP. They encouraged the students in the program to do their best and to achieve their highest goals at UTEP. As time went by there were new faces in the program who led students to their success. The program brought in new tutors and peer mentors to assist students in their studies as well as to deal with obstacles, other than academics, to achieve their goals. These tutors and peer mentors also assisted me through my obstacles while pursing my degree. The tutors are very knowledgeable in Mathematics, Science, Physics and English. The peer mentors are great listeners and advice givers. Towards the end of my journey in graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering (May 2016) I received enormous support from the program. Especially from Jaime, Jorge, Linda, Carla, Claudia, and Michelle. I recommend this program to any in coming student freshmen or senior to have support and guidance from a family like the Student Support Services Program to achieve your highest success at UTEP.

David C. Mata

As a freshman student, SSSP makes me feel welcomed to UTEP and it made the transition from high school to the University much easier. SSSP provides me with great volunteer opportunities, excellent tutors willing to help me and dedicated staff who go above and beyond to prepare me to succeed. SSSP is family to me, where I have been able to excel in my academics and grow as leader. Thanks to SSSP, I was able to meet and make new friendships that I know will last a life time.  Overall,  this program guarantees success at UTEP and also see the fun side of going to college. 
Rosie Moreno

Since the first day I got into Student Support Services I loved it. Iremember I was so nervous because UTEP was huge and I was scared it wasgoing to take time making new friends and getting used to it. But thefirst day I realized everyone was as nervous as I was and everyoneseemed nice. We all started getting along as the weeks went by and lateron became great friends. We go out to events at UTEP, do community service, we go out to eat, help each other out with our classes and most important we build a friendship. I made so many new friends which arefriendships that will last for a life time. They became like anotherfamily for me and I appreciate each one of them so much! SSSP and 3SO isan opportunity everyone should take and I recommend it!
Claudia Navarro


My experience in the SSSP Learning Community has been one of akind by helping me keep track with my studies. SSSP is an excellentprogram to be a part of, especially as an incoming freshman. It’s onebig family that stays together through thick and thin no matter whatcollege brings to us.
Alicia García


As of today, I have been part of the program fortwo years and a half and it has made a great impact on my life. I havebecome more active in school by being part of the SSSO and doing manycommunity service events. My grades also improved thanks to the help ofthe program. I was able to get tutoring and guidance so that I would notfail my classes. I am now applying for nursing school, which is verydemanding on GPA, and if it wasn’t for the SSSP my chances of enteringnursing would have very small to none. Also, I am one of the tutors ofthe program now which has made it easier for me to go to school andstill be able to have a job.
Corinna Marquez


Being a senior in high school, I would constantly thinkof the big change of entering college and I knew it was not going to beeasy at all. Going from teachers to professors was a total shock as inhigh school we are used to having the full attention and constantreminders from our teachers. However, I never stopped to think about allthe programs that are here to help us and make college life which canbe a challenging, a fun experience. Thanks to my sisters, I wasintroduced to the Student Support Services Program (SSSP) I neverimagined of having the great opportunity of being a student in theprogram and gaining great benefits.  The program has helped methroughout these two years of college with practically everything.In addition we cannot forget we are tremendously lucky of having suchbenefits as having priority registration, personal tutors, freeprinting, PMAs and not to mention a great advisor and counselor.  Iwill never finish thanking the Student Support Services Program for alltheir help and dedication they continue to offer to all their students,and last but not least for making my college years much easier andunforgettable.

Angela Rodriguez


I have been very pleased having been accepted into the StudentSupport Services Program. Even though I had feedback from my olderbrother as to what university was like, the organization aided me invarious ways. Besides making a tremendous amount of friends, I have seensignificant academic improvement. The tutoring offered in SSSP made megrasp the material offered in some of my courses better. This has mademy college experience not only fun, but extremely enjoyable.
Israel Delgado