Educational Talent Search Program

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to enroll in the Educational Talent Search Program, students must be:

A citizen of the United States

A permanent resident of the United States

Provides evidence from Immigration and Naturalization Service of his/her intent to become a permanent resident

Application Process

Step One:
1. Download Application
2. ETS Application is also available in participating High School

Step Two:
1. Completely fill out the application 
(Only completed applications will be considered, to have a successfully completed application items below must be attached) 
2. Mailing Adress
3. Copy of Student Social Security Number
4. Family Information
5. Proof of Family Income
6. Copy of Student Birth Certificate

Step Three:
1. Turn in application 
(Application can be given to an ETS Representative or to school counselor)

 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize (Kb) 
ETS Application - EnglishHeriberto Garcia 10/10/2016355.03Download
ETS Applicatio - SpanishHeriberto Garcia 10/10/2016285.58Download